PALA Customized Private Travel

We offer customized solutions to high-end clientele based on their travel and leisure lifestyle requirements, and are committed to providing expert advice focused on in-depth travel experiences to exceptional, culturally astute individuals in China and to the persons they care about (family, friends, business partners). We plan and implement multifaceted solutions and services centered on travel and leisure lifestyle options focusing on unique travel experiences whose flavors open the mind's eye to new horizons. Our expertise compliments and satisfies our high-end clientele's demand for in-depth travel pleasure by empowering them to design and realize their travel dreams of a lifetime.

As one of China's premiere organizations specializing in high-end customized travel solutions, over the past eight years, PALA has designed numerous personalized itineraries for China's travel elite to enable them to deeply experience places of incomparable beauty in rarely-visited corners of the world, venues steeped in spiritual tradition, historical sites rich in cultural legacy and places where life overflows with colors and flavors. PALA's clientele are never treated as passing guests but are welcomed as friends by the people at their destinations, who open their hearts to them and embrace them as family to share the life of the places where they live, to enable them to imbibe local customs and lifestyles. PALA's travel solutions are not bound by limitations but incorporate a wide range of beautiful experiences in accordance with the wishes and requirements of our clients. PALA's Travel Designers never follow market trends. We have always dedicated ourselves to personalized excellence and the perfection of creativity as we continue our never ending quest to provide our clients with the ultimate travel experience.

Contact us:
PALA Customized Private Travel
Add:14th Floor, Tower A, Recreo international Business Center,?No.8, Wang Jing Dong Road, Chao Yang District,Beijing, P.R.China.100102
Email:[email protected]

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